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At the heart of Philly Halal Food Festival are three visionary founders who share a deep love for good food. Noor, Najah, and Tabish are passionate about exploring the vibrant food scene not only in Philly, but also throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Together, they envision a future where Halal options are readily available to a wider audience, promoting inclusivity in culinary experiences. Living in a city with a rich and diverse Muslim population, they collectively believe it's time to give the Halal food scene the platform and recognition it deserves. While their love for food is evident, they hold the community at the forefront of their mission and aim to create a space that celebrates unity and cultural exchange. 

Drawing from their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and professional expertise, they bring a wealth of perspectives to this partnership, truly reflecting the diversity of the Ummah. As well-traveled individuals, they have all witnessed the diversity of the Muslim community both locally and abroad, and they are dedicated to showcasing its richness. Above all, they are driven by a shared passion for serving their community and introducing non-Muslims to a food scene that is so much more than chicken over rice – it's representative of all parts of the globe. 

Philadelphia and it's surrounding counties, boasts a rich tapestry of Muslims from all corners of the globe, from the foundational presence of African American Muslims to immigrants hailing from diverse backgrounds all of whom have left indelible marks on the city's food landscape and economic foundation. As stewards of this culinary heritage, Noor, Najah, and Tabish are leading the charge to honor the contributions of their community and propel the growth of the Halal food industry. 

Furthermore, by amplifying the Halal food scene, they aim to not only celebrate cultural diversity but also stimulate economic development within the Greater Philadelphia area. They envision the festival as a catalyst for economic opportunity, providing a platform for local businesses to thrive and contributing to the Greater Philadelphia area's overall prosperity. Through their efforts, Noor, Najah, and Tabish hope to foster an inclusive and vibrant food ecosystem that benefits all residents of the Greater Philadelphia area.

Our Mission

Established in 2023, Philly Halal Food Festival LLC takes pride in fostering a sense of unity in the Greater Philadelphia area through the celebration of diverse cuisines. Philly Halal Food Festival is committed to highlighting Muslim-owned and operated restaurant establishments in the greater Philadelphia area. In addition, we hope to contribute to the expansion of the local Halal meat industry by encouraging local restaurants to pursue Halal certification, irrespective of ownership. We aim to create opportunities to promote local businesses and foster economic growth within our community while hosting festivals and events centered around delicious Halal Food.  Stay tuned for updates and the latest in the vibrant Halal food scene of the greater Philadelphia area.

Meet the Team


Noor is a Philly native and soon to be graduate from Drexel’s LeBow College of Business. Noor has a keen interest in driving social change through innovative business ventures. She is a solution-oriented individual with an entrepreneurial spirit and a business-minded approach that fuels her commitment to driving tangible results in all her endeavors. Noor has gained a global perspective through her love for travel, which has helped her to navigate the complexities of cross-cultural interactions and contributes to her desire to cultivate diverse environments.


Najah is a dedicated and experienced project management professional with a passion for global advocacy, community engagement, and public health. She has served in various roles, executing an array of large-scale programs and campaigns.


Najah is a proud Philly native with a deep commitment to empowering the local Muslim community. With a focus on nurturing strong Muslim identities among youth, Najah is dedicated to cultivating our brand as more than just a culinary venture but a platform for community enrichment.


Tabish is a local food enthusiast and food blogger behind the @phillyhalalspots  instagram page which has over 19k followers and is the go to page for Muslims looking for the best of Halal food in the greater Philly area. Tabish is committed to showcasing the best of the  local Halal food scene and highlight small businesses. 

"Philly Halal Food Festival is beyond a celebration of good food, but a celebration of people. The Greater Philadelphia Muslim community is worthy of celebration. We celebrate the people behind the food we enjoy and the people we enjoy that food with. We aim to promote the Halal food scene in our city to main stream prominence in effort to foster greater economic development and influence within our communities.


Food is nourishment to the body and sharing that food is nourishment to the soul. We hope to use food as a catalyst for unity amongst the Muslims in Greater Philadelphia."

- Noor B.

”As Muslim Philadelphians, we have had a strong footprint in the city’s history for decades. The hundreds of thousands of Muslims who call Philadelphia home consist of trailblazers and changemakers who have set a precedent for Muslims nationwide. It is imperative that we utilize our platform to showcase the profound influence of the Halal food industry on the city’s social and economic fabric, extending beyond restaurants to grocery stores, schools, and other institutions. The Philly Halal Food Festival is exactly what we need to create opportunities within the Muslim community, celebrate the rich diversity of our people, and evoke positive change in our city.”

- Najah S.

- Tabish H.

"Food is one of the ultimate unifiers for humanity. It brings people together from all different backgrounds over their common appreciation of one of God’s greatest blessings: taste buds. The Muslim community needs unifiers now more than ever. Halal food and ethnic cuisines from all around the Muslim world bring the community together unlike anything else. We support each other, we support our business owners, we provide access to amazing culinary options for our community, and we grow stronger and better together."

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"For over a year, Noor Bowman wondered what a food festival celebrating Philly-area Muslims would look like. Sitting in her parents’ West Philly home a month ago, she decided it was time to find out."


- Hira Qureshi 

Philly Halal Spots 

"By the grace of God, and with the help of our amazing community, we were able to make history and successfully host the Philadelphia area’s first ever Halal food festival with over 3000 attendees! This festival is a testament to what we can accomplish together when we are united and how much stronger we are when we work together! We were all able to appreciate the strength and diversity of our community and our cuisine all together in one place MashAllah!"   Tabish H

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